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Cereals & Grains

Cereals and grains are both extremely beneficial sources of nutrition to the human body which make a significant contribution to the human diet all over the planet. Some of the most important grains include wheat, rice, maize (corn), barley, rye and oats. These grains provide more than half of the world population’s intake of carbohydrate and protein and are usually the staple part of the diet, supplemented by a protein source such as fish, meat, chicken or legumes (such as beans, lentils etc)

  • Grains provide an important source of carbohydrate, Protein, fiber, vitamins (particularly B-group vitamins and the antioxidant vitamin E), minerals (including iron, zinc and magnesium) and other beneficial food components, including phytochemicals.
  • Grains are mostly low in fat, with the small amount of fat being primarily polyunsaturated.
  • Most grain-based foods – such as breakfast cereals - play an important part in healthy diets.
Cereals & Grains