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Condiments & Cooking Sauces

In an ideal world all condiments and sauces would be made from scratch, unfortunately due to the pace of modern lifetime is a serious constraint. What if you could get that amazing home cooked flavours and be sure of the use of fresh organic ingredients? Well here at Auriel health shop we stock a wide selection of cooking sauces condiments and other key ingredients to make dinner time not only healthier but quicker and easier as well.

Essential Italian Passata

Tomatoes of one of the world's healthiest foods, they possess powerful antioxidant properties and are an outstanding source of lycopene. Essentials Italian Passata is made using only the finest organic ingredients that are grown and packed in Italy for that authentic home cooked taste.

Product Information

Organic Italian Passata made with only organic fresh tomatoes and salt.
Brilliant sauce for pastas or meatballs.
Organically grown in Italy.

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