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Natural Digestive Support

Get regular with our great range of digestive supplements

Digestive enzymes play a huge role in breaking down the food you eat into nutrients that can be absorbed by your cells. If your body is lacking the proper enzymes and their related coenzymes then no matter what you eat or drink, you will not be receiving the full nutritional benefit.

Types of digestive complaints

Not only dose a healthy digestive track help you receive the most nutrients from the food you eat but it also can help you avoid a whole host of digestive complaints including: abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, heartburn. Most digestive problems are related to lifestyle, diet choices or excess stress. Simple changes to your day to day life can have a dramatic impact on digestive health.

Digestive Support

Foods to avoid when suffering from digestive problems include:
  • Fried high-fat foods - These types of food tend to overwhelm the stomach and can often result I things like heartburn and acid reflux. If you do like to eat these foods we recommend reducing portion size to help the body deal with the influx of fats.
  • Chili peppers - Curries are hugely popular here in the UK unforunatly for people suffering from digestive issues, they also go hand in hand with acid reflux problems. Chilis can be a particular problem for people suffering from irritable bowl syndrome.
  • Dairy - We all know calcium is an important part of a health diet, but what about people who are lactose intolerant and can't consume dairy products? Well vegetables are actually a great healthy source of calcium and by picking the right veggies you can get your entire days' worth of calcium in just a couple of servings. Some of the best vegetable sources of calcium include: Soybeans, Collard Greens, Oranges & Spinach.
  • Alcohol - Alcohol has many effects on the body, although currently one of the most popular activities of a weekend there are a number of serious negative side effects to regular alcohol consumption. Some Symptoms include: inflame the stomach lining, impairing certain enzymes and preventing nutrients from being absorbed.
  • Coffee, tea & Soft drinks - Coffee, tea and carbonated drinks all dramatically increase the chances of diarrhea aswell as relaxing the esophageal spihincter allowing excess acid to seep up from the stomach.