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Dried Fruit

Is dried fruit good for you?

Yes, dried fruit is an extremely beneficial party of any diet not only is it great tasting but can be easily added to a lunch box and used as a snack providing energy throughout the day.

Do dried fruits have the same health benefits as fresh fruit

When dried correctly, dried fruit should just be fresh fruit but with all the water removed. In some cases this actually increases the amount of nutrients found in the fruit Keep in mind that the vitamin C in dried fruit has been destroyed and oxidized.

Main health benefits

  • Preventing anaemia - Strengthening the immune system - Prunes, dried apricot and raisins contain a large amount of iron.
  • Strengthening the immune system - papaya, pineapple and apricots, are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, which strengthen the immune system and are good for the skin and hair.
  • Calcium to strengthen bones - Figs, walnuts and almonds are rich in calcium, but high in calories.
Dried Fruit