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Energy & Vitality Support

Tired of feeling lethargic? We stock a wide range of supplements designed to provide energy and enhance concentration levels

Do you find yourself struggling to feel alert? Maybe you find coffee is the only thing that keeps you going through the day? Over 60% of people claim to suffer from a lack of energy during the average day. Here at Auriel Health Shop we have selected a range of the very best natural supplements that can help you to keep up concentration levels and feel alert throughout the day.

Energy Vitality

What is energy?

Energy and vitality are vital in reaching your goals in life. Everything we do requires energy and unlike plants we gain our energy from the food we eat. Food is a great source of energy and can offer our body's ample supply of all the key nutrients and minerals we need to keep fit and healthy, but. Unfortunately we don't all eat a rich varied array of foods. This is where natural health supplements come into play. With supplements it's possible to avoid foods you dislike, such as fish or perhaps a certain type of vegetable by supplementing that part of your diet with omega fish oils or a multi-vitamin in supplement form.

How to increase your energy levels?

  • Increase your magnesium intake - Magnesium activates the enzymes that control digestion, absorption, and the utilization of all the food you consume. It also plays a key role in perhaps one of the most important enzymatic reactions, the creation of energy.
  • Get outdoors - We all know what it's like, after sitting in a warm comfortable place for too long you start to feel sleepy especially with a full stomach. It's important to find time each day to get outside and raise your heart rate, this could involve anything from walking your dog to a more physical activity such as tennis.
  • Dont skip breakfast - There are a huge number of reasons to add breakfast to your daily routine. This one simple meal can positively impact your energy level, blood sugar level, weight and even your ability to concentrate and be productive.
  • More water, less alcohol - This should go without saying, but the impact alcohol has on our energy levels is extreme. people who drink daily tend to suffer a multitude of health issues but a distinct lake of energy goes hand in hand with each.