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It's now common knowledge that processed foods with high sugar content do nothing but harm our overall health, this is why we have hand picked a selection of the very best Superfoods & dried goods as well as many healthy versions of classic essential items that will help you keep you and your family in optimum health and ready for anything.

What makes food healthy?

To answer this question we must first look at what makes the food we eat unhealthy. As little as 100 years ago there was no such thing as processed food. People ate locally grown produce or locally farmed meats, unfortunately over the course of the last century a whole lot has changed. In todays modern world it's becoming harder and harder to find locally grown foods with many supermarkets shipping items from the other side of the world that are currently in season in the UK. This not only adds a massive carbon footprint to our dinner plate but also diminishes our knowledge of seasonal foods.

At Auriel health shop we stock a range of nutritious organic foods and sauces that not only taste great but can help to dramatically improve the general health and wellness of your whole family.

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