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Water purification equipment

We can no longer ignore the dangers associated with drinking tap water not only is it brim full of heavy metals that are toxic to our bodies, but in many places in the world fluoride is added directly into the water supply. Fluoride is a highly toxic chemical and not something that we believe anyone should be drinking, some studies show it can have a positive effect of tooth decay but in our opinion the risks associated with fluoridated water for at way any benefits it can offer.

What can be done

There are a number of options available to people looking to drink pure toxin free water ranging from simple carbon filters to water distillers which can remove all toxins from your water.

Our extensive range includes all aspects of water purification


What type of water filter is best for me?

  • Distillation - This is one of the worlds oldest methods of water distillation. Water is heated to boiling point and the hot vapor that rises from it is collected and stored leaving all contaminants stay behind in the initial vessel
  • Ion Exchange - Ion Exchange is an interesting concept in which water passes through an ion-exchange resin forcing the bad ions found in the water to exchange with the ones found in the resin.
  • Carbon Adsorption - Carbon absorption is one of the most common methods of home water filtration, this is due to its ability to improve water by removing bad tastes. This is a highly effective method of water filtration.
  • Microporous Filtration - Microporous Filtration involves forcing water through a sieve like fiber compound that doesn't let that nasty bits pass through.
  • Reverse Osmosis - Reverse Osmosis is by far and away the most economical method of removing contaminates from a water source. The water is passed through a membrane using osmotic pressure unfortuanly this can be a slow process when done in the home.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation - This is more a method of sterilizing water than actively filtering it but still worth a mention. It involves low pressure mercury lamps generating 254 nm UV light. This results in inactivation of the microorganism.

Top 10 benefits of filtered water

  • Better tasting, better smelling drinking water.
  • Removing heavy metals such as lead from the water.
  • Save money by not purchasing bottled water.
  • Reduce risk of cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts.
  • Carbon water filters can remove contaminates from water without removing the healthy minerals.
  • Detox your body with clean water that helps to promote general health.
  • Use your water filter when cooking to avoid contaminating food with heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Children have weaker immune systems than adults, by using a water filter you can improve and strengthan your child immune system
  • There are over 2100 known toxins found in drinking water and your water filter is your front line of defense

So what are you waiting for, have a look through our extensive range and dramatically improve your quality of life today.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter
Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter is an extremely high quality device able to remove a huge number of toxins and contaminants from your water supply. Auriel health shop stock a large selection of water filters and distillers.
Water Distiller - Waterwise 4000
The Waterwize 4000 is an extremely versatile device able to fill the container with freshly distilled water in around 20 minuets. Auriel health shop stock a wide selection of water filters and distillers.